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WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PART OF THE GOOD NEWS CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES (GNCM)? Even though our four preachers donate their time and expenses to these ministries, your support is needed especially for "GOOD NEWS IN THE MORNING ",  the radio broadcast from Ottawa (which costs $700.00 per week). Please, seriously consider the following:

____     I will partner with GNCM through sustained prayer.

____     I will partner with GNCM by providing financial support:

...........         Today, with a cheque in the amount of $__________

...........         Monthly, with post-dated cheques enclosed, in the amount of $__________

____     I would like to discuss an endowment with you.

NAME:                  _______________________________         PHONE #:                _________________________________

ADDRESS 1:          _______________________________         CITY:                        _________________________________

ADDRESS 2:          _______________________________         POSTAL CODE:          _________________________________



MATERIALS AVAILABLE BY DR. CHURCHILL:       1.     Cultivating God’s Presence (a book of 15 chapters on how to experience God in your life)

                                                                                        2.     CDs of “GOOD NEWS IN THE MORNING” (2 programs per CD as aired on CFRA-580 AM Ottawa)

                                                                                                -       CD #1     a)     One God  For All              b)     Meeting God Personally

                                                                                                -       CD #2     a)     The Glory of the Cross    b)     Glory In The Wilderness

Order Form

___     Cultivating God’s Presence         No. of Copies       ______     @ $10.00 per copy                        _________

___     CD #1                                         No. of Copies       ______     @ $6.00 for one / $10 for two      _________

___     CD #2                                         No. of Copies       ______     @ $6.00 for one / $10 for two      _________

                                                                                                                TOTAL                                              _________

                                                                                                                Plus Shipping & Handling                       $2.00    

                                                                                                                TOTAL AMOUNT OF THIS ORDER       _________


Charitable Organization # 845854074 RR0001 – Income Tax receipts will be issued at the end of the year, unless otherwise requested.


Please send your cheque made out to ACCM to:

     Good News Christian Ministries
     PO Box 184
     Rideau Ferry, ON.,
     K0G 1W0, Canada




 “Pray For One Another” (James 5: 16)

We would like to partner in pray with you. If you have a special prayer request, please let us know: