A New Pentecost, by Rev. Brian Wilkie. Due to human error, only half of this article was published in the May 2013 edition of "Concern," the newsletter of the Community of Concern We give you here the full article.

    The Trinity: An Essential for Faith in Our Time - Edited by Dr. Andrew Stirling, with Chapter Two on the New testament and The Trinity (70 pages) by Dr. Allen Churchill.

    The Trinity - Irrelevant or Essential? - by Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling

    The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel

    The Case for Faith, by Lee Strobel

    The Case for a Creator, by Lee Strobel

    The Work of Christ: by P.T. Forsyth
    Excerpt:  "Christian faith is neither spirituality nor charity. Its revelation is the holiness in judgment of the spiritual and loving God. Love is only divine as it is holy; and spirituality is Christian only as it meets the conditions of Holy Love in the way the cross did, as the crisis of holy judgment and holy grace. If the cross is not simply a manner of religion but the object of our religion and the site of revelation, then it stands there above all to effect God's holiness, and not to concentrate man's self-sacrifice. And except in the cross we have no guarantee for the supreme thing, the divine thing, in God, which is the changeless reality and irrestible sovereignty of his Holy Love..." (p.35)

    The Courage to Believe, by Allen D. Churchill
    Excerpt:  "A teacher was watching a group of small boys kicking a ball around the school yard. They were all obviously enjoying themselves. All, that is, except two boys standing disconsolately alone, apparently just watching. 'Why aren't you playing too?' asked the teacher. 'We can't play,' retorted one, 'we're the goalposts!' Don't you sometimes feel like that? That the world isn't letting you onto the playing field? That you are being used merely as a goalpost for someone else to kick the ball at? All around us people are asking if anyone cares. Everybody is looking for love and affection. We all need friends - the security of a sound relationship with other people we can trust When the sunshine turns to rain...when the bottom drops out of our lives..when we go against our better judgment, and sin against the highest standards that we know...(then) the thoroughness of Jesus' love urges those who are daring enough to seize their moment of truth and recognize the hour of their salvation." (pp 19,28)

    All books by C.S. Lewis: eg. Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, Miracles, God in the Dock, etc.

    Becoming Fully Human
    (ISBN 1901949230, 280pp, Terra Nova Publications)
    by Patrick Whitworth (formerly Curate of HTB, before Nicky Gumbel.)

    Review by JON Matthias
    in Christian Marketplace magazine (UK) January 2004 edition.

    If you like your theology direct, engaging, thought-provoking and completely understandable, then you should read this book. It is, quite simply, the best book on the 'Doctrine of Man' I have ever read and I can't recommend it highly enough. Patrick Whitworth analyses the reasons behind the human condition, the struggle we face to regain the lost image of God and then lays out exactly how and where we can recover our true humanity. His discussion of human sinfulness using the classic model of the 'Seven Deadly Sins' is excellent, showing the contrast between what we are and what we should be without advocating a cloying legalism. This is Christian apologetic of a rare type, meeting issues head on but using a light touch that forced many a wry smile from me. Many new books arrive heralded as a 'new classic', but this book deserves to have such a tagline. In fact it is so good that having finished it I am tempted to start reading it again immediately.

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