Allen Churchill's new
book: "A Lively Hope"

The purpose and work of the ACCM must be to the sole glory of, and accountable only to, the Lord Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ is the incarnate God who came into the world for its salvation and for the fulfillment of the original purpose of salvation, namely the meaningfulness of life and the joy of personal relationships with God and his children.

The universe created by God has gone astray under the influence of the sin of humankind, which has caused a spiritual, moral, and physical dilemma that needs to be reversed by means of redemption and renewal. This saving work has begun and is continuing by means of God's presence and power in the persons of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The authoritative message of salvation and new life is found in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, which are the authoritative Word of God written and against which all ministry must be tested.

All life must be lived and all ministry must be undertaken by means of prayer. We continually seek the will and power of God for our lives and all decisions made in conducting this ministry. The integrity of character required for this work will be based on an ongoing and ever-deepening prayer life.

God is in charge and will do whatever He wants to do. The world is not as sensible as it thinks it is. He only reveals some things to us (Deut 29:29). We as Christians are the aroma of Christ to a world being saved. This is a world where some churches are dying. Only the transforming power of Jesus can save us.

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