Recommended reading / listening

    How to read the Bible

    "Reading the Bible For The Love of God", by Alan Reynolds,
    Brazos Press, 2003, ISBN 1-58743-082-7

    What is postmodernism?

    "The Postmodern World", by Millard Erickson,
    Crossway Books, 2002. ISBN 1-58134-342-6


    (a) "Can A Smart Person Believe in God?" by Michael Guillen,Nelson Books, 2004. ISBN 0-7852-6024-2
    (b) "Mere Christianity", by C.S. Lewis, Fontana Books,
    (c) "God In The Dock", by C.S. Lewis, Eerdmans, 1970
    (d) "The Cruelty of Heresy", by C.F. Allison, Morehous Publishing, 1994, ISBN 0-8192-1513-9
    (e) "The Christian God", by Richard Swinburne, Oxford University Press, 1994, ISBN 0-19-823512-7

    Jesus Christ

    (a) "Who Was Jesus?", by N.T. Wright, Eerdmans, 1998, ISBN 0-8028-0694-5
    (b) "The Evidence For Jesus" J.D.G. Dunn, Westminster Press, 1985. ISBN 0-664-24698-2
    (c) "The Resurrection of Jesus" (Crossan & Wright in dialogue) Ed. by R.B. Stewart, Fortress, 2006. ISBN 0-8006-3785-2

    St. Paul

    "What Saint Paul Really Said", by N.T. Wright, Eerdmans, 1997. ISBN 0-8028-4445-6

    Christianity and other religions

    (a) "But Don't All Religions Lead to God?", by Michael Green, Baker Books, 2002, ISBN 0-8010-6439-2
    (b) "Jesus Among Other Gods", by Ravi Zacharias, Word Publishing, 2000, ISBN 0-8499-1437-X

    The Trinity

    "The Trinity: An Essential for Faith in Our Time", ed. by Andrew Stirling, Evangel Publishing House, 2002, ISBN 1-928915-26-4
    (Chapter Two, on the New Testament and the Trinity is by Allen Churchill.)


    (a) "Truth To Tell: The Gospel as Public Truth", by Lesslie Newbiggin, Eerdmans, 1991, ISBN 0-8028-0607-4
    (b) "Evangelism for 'Normal' People", by John P. Bowen, Augsburg Fortress, 2002, ISBN 0-8066-4191-6

    Practical Christianity

    (a) "Questions of Life", by Nicky Gumbel, Alpha, 2003, ISBN 0-7814-5261-9
    (b) "Searching Issues," by Nicky Gumbel; Alpha, 2003, ISBN 0-7814-5259-7. (ie. suffering, other religions, sex before marriage, new age, homosexuality, science and Christianity, the Trinity...)
    (c) "Cultivating God's Presence", by Allen Churchill, Friesen Printers, 1994, ISBN 1-55056-315-7
    (d) "A Lively Hope", by Allen Churchill, ACCM, 2006, ISBN 1-55383-109-8

    Challenges to Christianity

    (a) "The Subversion of Christianity", by Jacques Ellul, Eerdmans, 1986, ISBN 0-8028-0049-1
    (b) "Christianity On Trial" (Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry), by V. Carroll and D. Shiflett,
    Encounter Books, 2002, ISBN 1-89354-15-

    The following additional recommendations are from ACCM webmaster Tony Copple.

    The links to Amazon default to the audio version if available

    Behold the Beauty of the Lord by Henry Nouwen.
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    Reflections to offer a unique way to pray with sacred images as much as with words - and see something of the beauty of God.

    The Book of God by Walter Wangerin.
    Comes strongly recommended by friends as the Bible as a novel; good for reading to children. I await a child's review.

    Building a Bridge to the 18th Century by Neil Postman.
    Hardcover. Audiobook not available.
    How the past can improve our future. Recommended by Dr. Allen Churchill.

    Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger.
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    British missionary in Hong Kong Jackie Pullinger's amazing story of soft heart hard feet bringing the poorest of the poor to Christ.

    The Christ Commission by Og Mandino.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    The period immediately following the Crucifiction analysed detective-style to bring those crucial events into close perspective, and perhaps add insight to understanding. Brilliant concept; moving realization in the hands of a great writer who was also a man of great faith.

    Churches that Pray by C. Peter Wagner.
    Audiobook not available.
    Essential reading for anyone involved in serious intercessory prayer. How prayer can help revitalize your congragation and break down the walls between your church and your community. A great source of information on prayer walking.

    Conversations with God 3-book series by Neale Donald Walsch
    Audio CD
    Recommended by Dr. Cliff Saunders, whose opinion I greatly respect. The ultimate journalling experience?

    Desecration by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, narrated by Richard Ferrone.
    This is the ninth in the Left Behind series. I guess I'm hooked. As soon as I finished it I went straight to the library to get The Remnant.
    Sourced from Recorded Books.

    Desire of the Everlasting Hills by Thomas Cahill, narrated by Brian F. O'Bryne.
    Comes recommended by Rev Dr. Allen Churchill.

    Don't stop believing by Reggie Vinson
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    If you love the rock and pop music of the past thirty years, Rockin' Reggie Vinson's story is insightful and of historical value. As Christian testimony, it is dynamite. Don't read this and not expect to be changed. I found this in a prison library. No wonder some of the inmates are men of strong belief.

    Evangelism for "normal" people by John Bowen.
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    Some key themes in this book are: breaking down the barriers that the word "evangelism" conjures up; the direction of someone's life is of more significance than the current position, on their journey of faith; the Gospel is an invitation to be involved in God's bigger purposes. I am indebted to Katherine Barton-Coward for these comments. Katherine highly recommends this book by Ottawa resident John Bowen, who will soon be taking up a position as Professor of Evangelism at Wycliffe Bible College, Toronto.

    The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    This is a great book. It is a great outline for being a excellent Godly wife. Every woman wishing to lead a Godly life and be the wife that God intended should not miss this one...... [this review by an Amazon reader. I read some of this in a dentist's waiting room, and was immediately motivated to add it to this page.]

    Fast Forward by Lou Engle.
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    A call to the Millennium Prayer Revolution, this is an important work of current prophecy that speaks to youth and particularly today's youth in North American schools where Jesus has been officially excluded. Promise Keepers will like this book. Will its prophecies be fulfilled in 2000?

    The God Memorandum by Og Mandino.
    Does God speak to you? With Mandino's unique insight you can experience what a loving God might say to you.

    Just give me Jesus, a life changing revival for women, by Anne Graham-Lotz, with Jill Briscoe
    The audio from the event of the same name in Toronto, 29-30 Sept 2006, which Laurie-Ann attended.
    I thoroughly benefitted from listening to these 5 CDs. Can probably be obtained via, tel 919-787-6606.

    Just as I am by Billy Graham, read by Cliff Barrows.
    Bestseller in both Christian and secular lists, this down-to-earth biography sincerely portrays the extraordinary life of one second only to the Pope in Christan influence.

    Leadership: the power of a creative life by Rick Joyner.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Businessman turned major prophet Rick Joyner has written an encouraging and stimulationg template for Christian leadership. Without leaders, we will flounder. Maybe you are a potential leader - if so you are desperately needed in this world ruled by the enemy. Read the book and get working!

    Left Behind by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins, read by Richard Ferrone.
    The first of the "Left Behind" series of bestsellers based on Revelation and the end times. Left Behind is now a major movie release. Can be enjoyed both as a good story and a work of evangelism. There are now 14 books in the series, and we can expect more of them to be filmed. Left Behind is also available on Video and DVD.

    Like a Mighty Wind by Tari Mel & Cliff Dudley.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Authentic, amazing and moving account of miracles, signs and wonders in the great Indonesian revival of the 1960's-70's lead by local Presbyterian missionary teams. One of those true stories that by rights should be on the front page of the newspapers, but isn't. You may have difficulty believing it, but it's true. If you ever doubt the power of God to intervene in human affairs in answer to prayer, turn to this book.

    Ministry with the Poor - Four talks by Jackie Pullinger
    Available as a 5-audiotape package from Holy Trinity Brompton Church, Brompton Rd, London SW7 1JA, England, tel 01144-171-581-8255, e-mail:
    Jackie Pullinger has been a missionary to the poorest of Hong Kong society for thirty years. These talks given at HTB for Focus '92 are probably the most powerful Christian witness I have yet experienced, and it has changed my thinking on many matters.

    The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity by Philip Jenkins.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Professor Jenkins (Penn Stae University) argues that the present global trends of Christianity will have an impact on the world similar to major religious movements such as the Reformation, and that the 21st century will be seen as a time in history when religion replaced the importantance once occupied by ideology.

    The Next Move of God by Fuchsia Picket.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    A startling vision of revival seen in 1959 gave Fuschia Picket insight into how God would prepare the church for His return. With prophetic revelation and sound scriptural teaching, Dr. Picket reveals The Next Move of God.

    New Beginnings by Ann Chidwick, Family Life Education Services.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available. Link is e-mail to the author.
    A step-by-step approach to facilitating experientially-based remarriage preparation. My then-fiancee Laurie-Ann and I have done this course, conducted within a spiritually-friendly environment, and found it very valuable. This is the course book, and could be almost as valuable for folk who are unable to come on the course.

    Partners in Ministry by James L. Garlow.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    The best book you'll find on laity and pastors working together. "If you are a Christian, you are a minister...."

    The Purpose Driven Life - by Rick Warren
    Hardback - a better format for study(?).
    40 chapters of pure gold to raise you in your journey of faith. Ideal for lenten study, as many churches are doing - but don't wait till lent. You need this now!

    Questions of Life - by Nicky Gumbel
    This is the Alpha Course material in book form. At the time this was posted, Amazon did not stock this. Also obtainable in Canada through Cook Communications. If you can't attend Alpha, this would be a fine alternative. Either way, Alpha is where Christian evangelism is at today.

    The Regenerators - Social criticism in late Victorian English Canada by Ramsay Cook.
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    Recommended by Dr. Allen Churchill for its description of the beginnings of liberalism in the church.

    No Compromise by Melody Green & David Hazard.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Life story of outstanding Christian Keith Green, who died tragically in 1982 at 28. "The most inspirational story I have ever read" - John Taylor. I agree. A life lived the way Christians should live, continuing to have huge influence. Keith was influential in the Christian contemporary music movement, and his music stands among the best of the genre, but his real legacy was the depth of his faith and his dreams and plans for attracting people to mission work. His wife Melody who continues his work shows herself a worthy teller of the story, in which her own role was significant.

    The Remnant by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B Jenkins, read by Richard Ferrone.
    Penultimate in the "Left Behind" series, but the first I'd listened to since the original Left Behind (see above). After the first couple of cassettes I was able to pick up the trust of the story and soon it became for me a powerful prophetic piece. Sad that the vast majority of Christians are largely ignorant of the "end times" prophecies in Revelation. Since we may be entering the early stages of the end times, it behoves us all to be more aware of this crucial subject.

    Searching Issues by Nicky Gumbel.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Companion to "Questions of Life," the book of The Alpha Course. Searching Issues answers (beautifully) the 7 most common questions asked by attenders on the course. Also obtainable in Canada through Cook Communications.

    The Surpassing Greatness of His Power by Rick Joyner.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Recommended highly by Gail Reid, managing editor of "Fellowship Magazine," and that's good enough for me!

    Those controversial gifts by George Mallone.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Prophecy, dreams, visions, tongues, healing.

    True and false prophets by Don Basham.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    Confronting immorality in ministry. Recommended to me by a friend.

    The truth about same-sex marriage by Erwin W. Lutzer.
    Paperback. Audiobook not yet available.
    If our politicians and friends and neighbours would only read this book (and others like it), no-one would even be considering ripping our civilization apart at the beck and call of the homosexual revolution.

    Whatever happened to the Jesus Lane lot? by Oliver R Barclay.
    Paperback. Audiobook not available.
    Recommended by Rev. George Sinclair at an Anglican Essentials Canada conference in 2006, this 1977 book (which I bought second hand from Amazon, since it is no longer in print) has been a huge help to me, placing in context the orthodox - liberal debate I am currently involved in and showing that a hundred years ago the same debate was raging. It tells the story of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU), an evangelical group started in 1877, and still going strong. The CICCU was the primary source of missionaries from the West a century ago. The book even covers the period I was up at Cambridge, 1959 - 1962, as something of a low point (I never heard of it, not having any interest in faith in those days). It also mentions John Stott, and J I Packer. Highly recommended for those fighting today for a faith that would be motivational enough to move new missionaries out of their comfortable parishes in the West to joint the current workers from South Korea.