March 2006 - Dr. Allen Churchill's new book, "A Lively Hope", was published. The price is $15.00 including tax and shipping in Canada. Please send your cheque to Good News Christian Ministries, PO Box 184, Rideau Ferry, ON., K0G 1W0. We are deliberately keeping the price reasonable to increase readership. For multiple copies, for presents or study groups, please call 613-267-1609 for prices.

    Dr. Churchill's "Cultivating God's Presence", is also now available at the same special all in price of $15, published by Friesen Printers, 1994, ISBN 1-55056-315-7

    The modern world, like the ancient world, looks for meaning and security. Usually we want this on our own terms. We try to find gratification and significance by amusing ourselves to death. In the process we camouflage our fear of an unknown future. What lies ahead of us? Darkness, uncertainty and moral accountability.

    What the Christian faith brought and brings into the pagan world, then and now, is hope. Not self-generated hope, but that which is grounded in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because Christ died for our sins and rose again, we can be assured that God exists and is present to grant us a new, transformed and productive life. This is the dynamic hope of the gospel (1 Peter 1:3- KJV) which the chapters in this timely book expound in some depth.

    The author holds an Oxford doctorate, served in the RCMP, is an adjunct professor of theology, hosts a popular radio show, conducts missions and seminars, and preaches regularly.

    ISBN 1-55383-109-8